Avid Part of Fox's Super Bowl Team

Will Lady Gaga get political at the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LI will also make use of small radio-frequency ID tags in each player's shoulder pads to track athlete's movements down to an accuracy of about six inches, thanks to a company called Zebra Technologies.

According to Suri, the objective of Super Bowl commercials isn't to get consumers off the couch for some impulse buying but to entertain an audience that is distracted by a lot of "noise", such as the stress of the game and everything else that goes on during a Super Bowl party.

Ah, the Super Bowl. These days, companies want people to buzzing about their commercials well before they are set to debut.

With that in mind, here's a look at some the 2017 Super Bowl commercials that have already been released ahead of Sunday's game.

Exposure is critical to advertisers who spend millions on Super Bowl ads, and the best way to capitalize on that investment is to extend the life of the ad beyond the game itself, BBDO Worldwide CEO Andrew Robertson told CNBC on Friday. It's a fact - the cost to produce a dynamic TV spot - especially one that's worthy of a very attentive Super Bowl audience - can easily exceed $1 million.

Super Bowl Sunday is an advertiser's favourite day; after all several millions of Americans tune into the games and therefore the commercials for the season.

Corps of Engineers directed to approve Dakota Access easement
National environmental groups joined the fray soon after, bringing the issue to worldwide attention. But she added: "People are strong". "It proves that America really is a giant corporation".

While you may be eating guacamole or other avocado-filled snacks during the game, watch out for an Avocados from Mexico commercial. Seventy-five-thousand will fill the Houston stadium to watch the Falcons and Patriots, while more than 100 million around the world will be watching on TV, with advertisers betting millions that they'll keep watching during breaks in the action.

"By kickoff, I'm sure Fox will sell all their available spots for the Big Game", said Kowalchek.

Many companies choose to make their big splash during the Super Bowl, but many are choosing to "leak" their ads to create more buzz.

The stocks you see in today's headlines may not be in the news tomorrow or next week.

If you'd rather leave the theater with a spring in your step than an inconsolable sadness, La La Land may be a better choice than Manchester by the Sea. The film is playing at more than a dozen Boston-area theaters, 10 of which have showings that start between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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