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Coping With Children’s Allergies

When spring rolls around and everything starts to bloom – our allergies start to bloom too. And while adults, especially those who’ve had allergies their whole lives, know how to deal with allergies and can get through the season, it’s not exactly the same for kids. Especially for the young ones, they don’t understand what is happening and it can be very stressful, especially if they are just told that they can’t go to the park with their friends, without much explanation. So let’s look at some of the best ways to treat allergies in children and make their spring as enjoyable as possible.


The first step to taking care of your kid’s allergies is to figure out what exactly they are allergic to. And yes, they can go and get tested, but testing can take a long time and be exhausting for the little ones, so do your best to narrow it down by keeping an eye on symptoms. When are their allergies triggered? Does it happen only around certain types of trees and plants, or everywhere? What are their symptoms? Do they have a sore throat, itchy eyes, a blocked nose, or something else? Keep track of symptoms and ask your kids how they are feeling. When you go to the doctor, tell them everything you have observed, and that should make it a lot easier to pinpoint the triggers and find the right therapy. You should also mention any allergies that you or the child’s other parent have, since allergies are quite often passed down through generations.

                        Create a safe environment

The worst thing for kids is feeling like they are constantly under attack from the allergens, or if it comes in situations where they really want to be on their best game. The first thing you want to do is make sure your home is free of any triggers. This means removing any plants that might trigger their allergies, as well as any fabrics. The next thing is making sure your air is clean. Aerate the rooms regularly and find the best air purifier for mold to make sure the air is the highest quality possible. If you are planning any vacations, summer camps or other activities, try to fit them outside of allergy season, because having allergy symptoms in those situations can be very stressful for the child. If you know that your child will have a hard time playing outdoors during some months, find indoor alternatives for them to stay active and hang out with friends without being exposed to allergens.


Treating allergies is not as simple as taking a pill every morning, and finding the right allergy medication for each person is not something that always happens on the first try. A new solution that has been proven as extremely effective is immunotherapy, or allergy shots. It works much like any other vaccine: a very small amount of allergen is injected in the upper arm over a period of a few months. It builds up the body’s natural resistance and it is the closest thing to curing allergies. It is also a good solution for kids that can’t take medication or that can’t find the right medication to manage their allergies.

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