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Baby Boy Gift Baskets: Completely About The Blue

When making baby gift baskets, it makes it easy when you know the sex of the baby beforehand. Making baby boy gift baskets, or baby girl gift baskets, are as easy as putting blue or pink things inside. Many will wonder if baby boy gift baskets are easier or harder than making baskets for girls. The fact is it depends on how old the child is. Let’s take baby boy gift baskets for example.

If the baby is a newborn, you want to focus more on the parents, helping the parents out and putting gifts that the parents will use in the first few months of the child’s life. These include baby formula, bottles, diapers, blankets and other items that the parents won’t be able to have enough of. If the child is older, then the sky’s the limit as far as the baby boy gift basket goes; as long as you watch out for choking hazards if the child is still an infant.

Talk To The Parents

If you’re thinking of making a baby boy gift basket for a baby shower, make sure you get an ok from the parents. The parents may be relying on gifts from their registry and may not appreciate a gift that’s homemade or that they can’t use. They may have enough diapers, bottles and such. Of course it’s your gift and nobody can tell you what to give.

But make sure the parents are ok with the baby boy gift basket so that no feelings are hurt and so that there are no awkward moments. If they’re ok with it, make sure you think of them when you’re making the baby boy gift basket by including things you think they’ll use.

The First Few Months

If the baby is a newborn or just a few months old, the parents will likely love bottles, nipples, formula, baby food, diapers, rags or small blankets and even crib toys. Crib toys that make noise, such as play songs, are great for newborns and even infants of a few months. All of these are great ideas for baby boy gift baskets. Just make sure you get blue instead of pink.

A Little Older

If the baby boy is a little older, there are many options for the baby boy gift basket. Get toys from the toy store. Make sure you pay attention to the age requirement on the sides of the packaging to make sure there are no choking hazards and to make sure the toy or item is appropriate for a child that age.

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