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A Baby Tote , Not Just For Mom

Some parents prefer to use a baby tote instead of a diaper bag. A baby tote is a large bag, frequently made of canvas, that you can put all the diaper bag items in and carry it around with you and the baby when you are going out of the house.

Diaper bags can frequently look more like a purse than anything and this where the baby tote comes in handy. Many dads would rather carry a baby tote with them when they take the infant or children out somewhere. A baby tote is more like a canvas grocery bag or book bag. It’s a bag, not a purse or diaper bag. And baby totes can hold a lot of baby’s items and still have extra room if needed.

A baby tote does not have to be a canvas bag, it can be made of any type of material, but canvas is a durable material and can hold up to many machine washings and assorted cleanings if need be. Some of the canvas baby tote bags have the hospitals name printed on them and are given to the parents as they leave the hospital for a going home gift. It’s usually filled with and assortment of items, such as diapers, wipes, coupons, formula, and perhaps a stuffed bear or a stuffed bunny. It is a nice way of thanking the parents for choosing the hospital and a way of advertising the hospital when the parents use the baby tote after they get home and use the baby tote when traveling about town.

A baby tote can be a useful toy carrier at the beach or park. It doesn’t have to carry only diapers, although many of the baby totes are large enough to carry several different items such as diapers, wipes, cream or powder and toys. A baby tote has many uses. You can put dirty or soiled clothing away in the baby tote and keep the clean clothing and diapers in an everyday diaper bag. You can hold toys, carry just the diapers and everything that goes with the diapers, carry food items or a change of clothing in the baby tote. Using the baby tote in addition to the diaper bag is a great idea when you need extra room too!

A canvas baby tote might have a pocket or two inside to hold your keys and wallet so you don’t have to carry a purse as well as the baby tote. Sometimes they are large totes and can hold many things and sometimes the baby totes are smaller and can only hold a few things such as small toys or a change of clothes for baby. A baby tote is convenient because you only have one place to look for what you need, unlike a diaper bag which can have lots of pockets and places to keep things and can be a little confusing if you forget where you put the wipes or a set of car keys.

A baby tote can be stylish, made of different materials to express your moods and feelings or to match your outfit and the babies. If you are good at crafts, you can make a baby tote yourself fairly easily, even if you can’t sew. This would allow you to make the baby tote the size that works best for you. No matter whether you decide to purchase one or make one from a pattern, a baby tote is a great item, and not just for mom!

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