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Troubled teens that need assistance over and above what their parents can give, outpatient therapy programs may be a viable option, particularly for teens that are already committed to recovery. These treatment options for struggling youth recommend a variety of treatment options, including individual and/or group counseling, family counseling, or substance abuse treatment centers. Although outpatient programs for struggling teenagers can be very beneficial, they are usually relatively short-term, and are not designed for teens with severe emotional or psychiatric problems.

For troubled teens who are struggling with drug abuse, depression or other serious issues, residential treatment centers that offer therapy-based solutions might be the best option. Residential treatment centers usually have a complete psychiatric staff available to monitor each troubled teen closely and provide therapy in addition to a curriculum of academics, exercise and personal development. Christian drug rehabs for rebellious teens provide 24-hour supervision, structure and treatment, usually last from three to six months, although teens can attend for a longer period of time if necessary. These programs also work with families to identify issues in the home and address them so that juveniles have a supportive, structured home to return to after treatment.

There are three main types of residential treatment centers: therapeutic treatment programs, residential drug treatment centers, and combination residential-treatment programs. Each is geared toward helping troubled teens address and conquer a specific problem or multiple problems. Therapeutic treatment programs assist struggling youth with psychiatric issues or suicidal tendencies, teens residential drug treatment centers offer specific help for substance abuse or addiction, and combination residential treatment programs address both psychiatric and drug abuse issues.

There are also Christian boarding schools meant for troubled kids. These schools deal with children who come from troubled homes or have gotten into trouble using alcohol and/or drugs. They are also special boarding schools for children with eating disorders, violence/bullying, adolescent pregnancy or oppositional defiant disorders. They them help these children to overcome problems like ADHD, depression, stress, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, anxiety, obesity, and more.

Troubled teen boot camps also function by creating uniformity among its members. Adolescents attending such camps have to forgo their contacts with family and friends. They wear uniforms and some struggling youth summer camps even shave kids’ heads to create more harmony among them. In juvenile boot camps, kids are not addressed by their names, so that no one is given particular importance. The period that a adolescent spends at a boot-camp is followed by a period of aftercare.

Wilderness camps for struggling youths give emphasis on therapy programs such as behavioral therapies, cognitive therapies, motivation sessions, anger and stress recovery programs and youth substance abuse preventions option for changing the behavior and character of disobedient children. Therapeutic boarding schools for difficult juvenile recommend multi faceted treatment programs for healing mental and psychological problems in under pressure children.

Military schools are most appropriate and beneficial for children and teenagers who do not struggle from any significant underlying emotional or behavioral problems, but just necessitate more structure and discipline in their lives. Home schooling is defined as the education given by parents, private tutors, or professionals to children at a home setting. There is no classroom setting and the need to attend public school teaching to earn educational credits. Therapeutic boarding schools for difficult juvenile recommend multi faceted treatment programs for healing mental and psychological problems in under pressure children.

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