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Inch Blue

Inch-Blue, a divine range of handmade soft leather shoes which have been adorning the feet of babies and toddlers since 1999, is designed my mum of two, Rhiannon Owen, who lives with her family in Cardiff, Wales.

,My daughters are a constant source of inspiration,, says Rhiannon, whose focus has been on creating shoes that provide total comfort for little, growing feet. To ensure she’s always close to her family, Rhiannon has even opened Inch Blue factory close to her home, ensuring that she can stay on top of quality control and production at all times whilst having her family nearby.

Made exclusively from soft, natural and non-toxic leather, Inch Blue shoes let babies, feet breathe. And to ensure the shoes can’t fall off, they feature elasticated ankles, which are recommended for babies as they are the next best thing to bare feet. And the best thing of all is that when they get dirty, they simply need to be wiped down using a damp cloth!

With over 100 fun and fresh designs to choose from (and around 25 new styles added each season!), there’s always a style that will appeal. If your little girl is as sweet as can be, then why not get her a pair of the deliciously divine Cupcake shoes, and if your little boy has a musical ear, then what about the too-cool-for-school Guitar shoes,

Inch Blue’s constantly evolving shoe collection is complemented by gift sets, which include 100% cotton babygrows and 100% lambswool receiving blankets, making Inch Blue a popular choice for new parents and people looking for imaginative and eye-catching gift ideas. Inch Blue shoes retail at ,17.00, gift sets at ,30.00 and receiving blankets at ,40.00.

Not just for babies, Inch Blue shoes are suitable for children up to four years old. The supple, non-slip kid suede soles are ideal for tiled and wooden floors, keeping toddlers cosy and safe when crawling around or taking their first precious steps indoors. They are also ideal for use when in the buggy or car seat.

All the shoes have a low carbon footprint as they are designed and hand-crafted in the Inch Blue factory in Wales. The shoes come in either a clear gift bag with handle or luxurious box. Gift sets and blankets also come in boxes in white, baby blue and baby pink.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Rhiannon has also launched a spin-off brand called Rosie & Romeo, which has been designed to complement the already established Inch Blue brand. ,I love nostalgia and have always dreamt about creating a range that conjures up images from my own childhood. I have spent a great deal of time developing the prints and have come up with a range which I feel is both stylish, yet with a hint of the past to it., Rosie & Romeo features a selection of ,must have, accessories and gift sets for babies and toddlers made of charming vintage-inspired fabrics. Prices range from ,10.00 – ,58.00.

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