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Top Tips For Choosing Nursery Curtains

We know you may be thinking “What in the world is the big deal about nursery curtains,” Firstly, they are very important to consider. There are things that you would need to know before you decide which types of nursery curtains to put in your baby’s nursery.

The type of curtains that you choose should be well thought out whenever much of the nursery is finished. There are some qualities to consider in the type of nursery curtains that you will choose.

First of all, we want the curtains to match the rest of the nursery, and probably the baby nursery bedding too. They don’t have to be anything that is over fancy. However, if you have a little girl and the room is already girly, you want them to match. Color and design do matter when you are trying to chose curtains.

The other thing that you will want to consider is the thickness of the curtains. Are they substantial enough to where you can’t see anything through them, Are they stopping draughts from entering through during the winter months, These are questions that you want to ask before you make your final choice. We also are looking for quality because we want to keep the same nursery curtains all throughout the baby’s childhood.

Another thing to consider is the curtain length. Think about it, the baby will get older and will be able to reach the curtain to bring it down. That is of course, if we buy it a little too long. Remember that we want to keep these curtains for quite a long time. It is suggested to purchase curtains that are not too long so that the baby can’t pull on them when he is learning to walk.

With the many choices in nursery curtains out there, we hope we covered the bases as far as the type of curtain to buy. Nursery decor should feel homey for the baby and at the same time look attractive and be of good quality.

Baby Shower Invitations Is Your Way The Right Way

The fun and excitement begins before any baby shower party plans are finalised, how you ask. As soon as the person invited receives their invitation all hell breaks loose. To be on the receiving end of an invitation to a baby shower sends a signal to say good times are coming.

Guests treasure this moment where they feel special in being asked to join in the celebration of the new born on the way. Therefore the interest taken in the invitation will be similar to that of a forensic search where every little detail on the invite will be checked out, this is why baby shower invitations have to be right.

Baby shower invites are gladly kept as keepsakes so give your guests an invitation they will want to frame and keep forever.

Selecting the right invitation for your baby shower can prove to be just as much of a challenge as the planning of the whole event.

Themes for baby showers are very rewarding to the eye in style and design with hundreds to choose from. Sailing boats for little boys and dollies for girls. All these are very popular picture themes used on baby shower invites. You may have plans to keep the theme behind the baby shower a mystery, if so a photo of a baby surrounded by cuddly toys is the best way to keep it a secret. Please do not place a picture of a girl and boy because imaginations may just run wild,

If you have decided on a theme for the baby shower invitation even better as guests may want join in the fun by dressing up in a costume that suits the baby shower setting.

Important factors when writing your invites is to make sure to add the guests name, this may sound silly but can easily be overlooked. Where and when the event will take place the contact number of the host and gender of baby if known. In abundance are companies that specialise in baby shower invitations. You will be amazed to see how many designs and styles there are to choose from.

Usually about two months before the birth of the baby is when baby showers are celebrated. Preparations take place well in advance sometimes as early as the announcement of the pregnancy. These events are normally arranged by close friends and family. If this occasion is to be a memorable one then plan carefully. A sure way of guaranteeing remembrance is to celebrate the baby shower in a unique way; you can do this by getting the words right on the baby shower invitation.

Wording usually is in the form of nursery rhymes or quotes, to be in a jolly mood at the time of sending the invites will help express your feelings thus implementing intimacy in your message to a true friend.

A picture paints a thousand words but it is what it says that matter.

1 Please come to my party for future little feet that pitter patter and if you can not come it does not matter.

2 Please come to my party for future little feet that pitter patter. AS LONG AS YOU ARE THERE THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

Unique choice of words of your own is the best way in making your baby shower extra special. How on earth can a person other than your self know what it is you want to say, by doing it your way this occasion will never be forgotten.

Pregnancy Tip: Herbs Commonly Used In Pregnancy, Labor And Postpartum

Shepherd’s Purse

Shepherd’s Purse is an annual, weed, that grows to about 20 inches in height and is easily recognized by the heart-shaped pods that form near the top. It grows in sunny areas throughout the United States.

The entire plant is used medicinally mainly as a anti-hemmorrhagic by coagulating the blood and constricting the veins. Historically, the juice of the plant was put on a ball of cotton and used to plug the nose and stop a bad nosebleed. It was also used to increase urine and menstrual flow and increase vitamin C in the diet. For maternity use, it is most often used in a tincture from fresh plants which not only stops bleeding but also causes uterine contractions. If an infusion is wanted, one need only steep the chopped plant material for about an hour as it give up the medicinal properties readily in water.


To provide calcium: eat the leaves.

To control bleeding following a miscarriage: give 10-20 drops of the tincture sublingually as needed.

To build up clotting factors in the body prenatally: give 15-20 drops once or twice a day. To control bleeding after birtrh and delivery in the placenta:

give 20-40 drops sublingually. It can work in five seconds. or give a

combination tincture.

give 20 drops each of Blue Cohosh and Shepherd’s Purse in aid in

returning the uterus to pre-birth size if uterus is still large at 4-6 weeks postpartum:

give Shepherd’s Purse and Blue Cohosh tea along with recommendation for

rest, lots of breastfeeding and better nutrition.

To provide prophylactic treatment of vitamin K to a

newborn: give 3 drops of tincture or extract to the newborn by mouth.


If planning to make your own tincture, pick the plant immediately before tincturing as it loses its medicinal properties quickly once it dries

Care should be taken if used for postpartum hemmorrhage as Shepherd’s Purse can cause large clots fto form which can prevent the uterus from clamping down and contracting leading to continued bleeding.

Classic Wooden Toys for Toddlers are Favorite for Generations

Caution is practiced with almost every little thing we do these days. The world is changing and is rather competitive in terms of almost all aspects. In this much profit-driven commercial sector of the human lifestyle there is no dearth to businesses that strive to sell their products to you by hook or by crook. They offer incredible discounts and cheap rates and we easily fall prey to the lucrative deals. However, in some instances one just cannot afford to take chances with the quality and durability and safety standards. Particularly when the consumers are innocent and playful little kids you cannot be more careful in selecting the perfect set of toys for them that they spend most of their time with.

Classic wooden toys have existed for centuries, have taken us through the most early part of growing up with a lot of educational as well as entertainment value attached to it and still remain to play a significant role in the lives of every new kid on the block. When one thinks of toys they are flooded with a million choices these days with the increasing influence of technology and other advancements in toy making. From metal to high-grade plastic from stuffed toys to hi-tech toys like video games, the material used and the game strategies used have undergone a constant make-over to facilitate toddlers with something new and innovative every time. However, what is the guarantee when it comes to the safety issues and educational value. Fortunately, toys made from wood have not been extinct yet and are still much in vogue because it possesses these two prudential elements � safety and educational aesthetics.

Wooden toys for toddlers include a variety of interesting choices like wooden alphabet blocks, building blocks, puzzles, wooden trains, wooden cars, wooden animals, wooden pretend play kitchen sets, jigsaw puzzles, wooden marionettes, doll houses and a plethora of other choices that fall under the category of much appreciated and all time favorite classic wooden toys. You may even find classic handmade wooden toys that give it the human touch. There are other brainstorming games for toddlers that are composed of games like tic tac toe, checkers, ring-toss, chess and plenty more that are basically fabricated in natural wood.

Wood as a raw material has a very enchanting texture that doesn’t really need being painted with extra coats of artificial colors unlike plastic and cloth toys. While some times plastic toys have the risk of being coated with toxic paint, cloth toys or stuffed toys are stitched with artificial furs that might also prove to be unsafe for your child, if brought in contact with the mouth. Children are curious and they have the tendency to put random things in their mouth. With wooden toys for toddlers you can rest your mind in peace. Also by buying wooden toys you would be doing a huge favor to Mother Earth since they are totally environment friendly. The practice of buying wooden toys for toddlers considerably reduces your carbon footprint on Earth. So go ahead and gift your child with some fine classic toys and educational wooden toys as well, that help your children develop their motor skills and allow them to add creativity to their imagination.