Hoping on a Team Win

I was talking with a friend about how bad the sports teams are in our city, especially the baseball. They would always lose in the worst ways possible. He thought that they would never make their way to the championships, or even get as far as the playoffs. I told him that it was possible to at least make it to the playoffs, and we decided to make a bet along with bets. We bet on the fate of the team’s playoff status, while making bets on betting web sites for each game. Even though the team was on a losing streak, I had a feeling that they could pull it off.

The first game after my friend and I made the bet was lost by the home team. I was starting to think that the bet that I had made with him was going to be a big mistake. The home team showed me differently, because the next game they won. It was a close game, but they were able to pull off a win with just a little bit of time left. I was beginning to thing that there was a chance that I could win the bet.

As the games continued, the home team was winning more and more, and things were looking much better for them and for me. They had only one game left until they had to go to the playoffs and I was hoping that they would do it. The game was looking bad for them, and I was ready to accept defeat, but then they pulled off a victory and sent themselves to the playoffs. I was excited for them and for myself because I won the bet that I made with my friend, along the money that I placed on each of their games.