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Diets and Baby Gender


Having a baby brings a higher level of relationship between couples. It is often what changes their lives in many ways. Your lived will no longer be the same. It will be about being more responsible with your choices. It will require a certain adjustment to life. That’s why a lot of couples want to make sure they will be able to accommodate to the child’s needs better. It is also one of the reasons people try to determine what the gender of their child will be. Despite it being far from an exact science, people try different methods to make sure they either get a boy or a girl. This article will discuss how different diets affect what gender your child will be.

Sweet Food

Couples who want to be able to have girls should have diets that are focused on sweets. According to some experts, this gives you a better chance of having female children. You can also opt to eat a lot of dairy products as it reportedly helps in the conception of girls. Remember that sweet food contains a lot of calories. Don’t let your desire to have a baby girl cause you to be unhealthy with your diet. As much as possible, make sure that you also have enough exercise.

Salty Food

Couples who want to have baby boys should try foods that contain more sodium. Salty food is often attributed to male children. While you need to be careful not to ingest too much, there are some studies that show that salty food has a somewhat significant level of baby boys born from mothers who have had salty diets before conception. Make sure that you r diet has a healthy amount of salt. You do not want to have heart and kidney problems from eating foods high in salt everyday.

High Calorie Diets

According to some studies, if you were eating a high amount of calories at the time your child was conceived you might have a chance of having a baby boy. This is often attributed to predisposed genetics. The explanation goes when mothers eat more calories than usual there is often something stressful happening in their environment. Thus, as result of this stress, there is a higher chance that a male child will birth. If you plan to do this, make sure that you do not go too beyond the healthy amount of calories needed. It is important that you keep your body healthy, especially in childbirth. Make sure that you also eat healthy calories. Stay away from foods that are too high in fat. Pregnancy obesity can be a cause for high risk of infant mortality.

The Bottom line

Diet is only one factor that will help you determine the gender of your child. There is no 100 percent guarantee that you will have a baby girl or baby boy with what you eat. Always remember that you need to keep yourself healthy and active if you want to have a healthy baby.

Other Tips

If you really want more tips, you can try other things like Chinese gender chart to help you determine your child’s gender. While there are no guarantees, it does not pose any risk to try.

The Effects of Divorce on Your Children And How To Fix It

When couples divorce it effects everybody from the parent of the couple, to friends and relatives, but how does it effect the minds, attitudes and behaviour of children,

Research shows that the effects depend on the age of the child at the time of divorce as well as other signifcant factors such as personality, whether the child is male or female and the support provided to the children after the divorce.

For the sake of brevity, lets take a look at how age can effect children after a divorce.

Infants may not understand conflict, but may react to changes in parent’s energy level and mood. Children from three to five years of age frequently believe they have caused their parents’ divorce. For example, they might think that if they had eaten their dinner or done their chores when told to do so, Daddy wouldn’t have gone away. Preschoolers may fear being left alone or abandoned altogether.

Some psychologists believe the adjustment to parental divorce is more difficult for elementary school children than for younger or older children. School-age children are old enough to understand that they are in pain because of their parents’ separation. They are too young, however, to understand or to control their reactions to this pain. They may experience grief, embarrassment, resentment, divided loyalty and intense anger.

Teens also experience anger, fear, loneliness, depression and guilt. Some feel pushed into adulthood if they must take responsibility for many new chores or care of siblings. Teens may respond to parents’ low energy level and high stress level by trying to take control over the family. Others feel a loss of parental support in handling emerging sexual feelings.

So how as a society, as parents and respected adults can we help children through an ordeal such as a divorce.

Well surprisingly its sometimes the simple things that can be the most effective.

Although painful, discussing the separation and divorce with your children will strengthen your relationship with them. It will also maintain their trust in you. Sharing general information is appropriate when talking with younger children. Adolescents will want more details. Be sure to let them know what the future holds for them. They will want to know what their relationship will be with both parents.

It often takes two or more years for children to adjust to their parents’ divorce. Through love, understanding and keeping in close contact with your children, you will help them grow into well- adjusted and productive adults.

Your Baby At Three Months Of Age

Three months – three months have passed so quickly and you are still thinking your dear baby has just arrived at your home. Suddenly you see he is getting to understand what is happening around him, he has now diminished a bit his dozing off bit every other minute. A whole new person is revealed within him to your delight.

His growing up – physical

You notice that your baby’s movements are nowadays more organized. He can’t control his hand properly though. He tends to get hold of everything that you have in your hand when you took him in your arms. He is up and awake to every sound he hears. He gazes at new things especially if it is colorful. He enjoys the world around him, responds to people’s talking to him by smiling at them or even laughing out loud! He often gets into unending giggles. Even he is learning slowly to make a way into the society! You wonder how. He is delighted when he makes one smile- the tactics of give and take policy.

But you observe that he gets startled or jumps when he hears something very noisy or when you are carrying him and you sit all of a sudden. This shows that he still feels insecure. This is due to his still weak nervous system. The reflexes that were notices when he was new-born have not disappeared even at this age.

Feeding your baby – now your baby is 3months old, you don’t have that much difficulty in feeding him as you used to have when he was new-born. Now it’s easier for you, the so difficult task is now a pleasure for you to do – your baby grinning at you when you are feeding him. Actually he has adapted himself to a feeding routine. His physical growth is so explicit at this age. But he is still not suitable for solid foods. So it is better to increase breast feeding. Nurse the young kid for 2/3 days.

Entertaining your baby- at the month of three, the baby does not need anything special to keep him entertained. You will see he himself is discovering new things in which he enjoys himself. Observe that he is getting to learn how to roll off the bed. So keep watch on him to avoid accident. When you lay him on a flat surface put one of your hands on him always.

Usually all the babies love to see someone around him. So spend time with him as much as possible. Talk to him. This way you will make him entertained. Your talking to him with intermittent smile and giggle will make him imitate your gestures.

This age is a sheer delight for your baby as well as you!

Dream World of Kids Play Houses

Every child likes to have their own playhouse so that they may play in it and keep all their toys inside it safely. But kids don’t like common playhouses they want to get play house that is different and even better then his friends. Playhouses are available in different types like castle playhouse, tree playhouse, and fairy playhouse. A playhouse is must especially for growing child because it helps them in learning so many things.

Some parents don’t want their kids to play inside playhouse as they make much noise and change the arrangement of everything while playing and make the living room messy. So for this purpose playhouse is considered best. Even some parents brought playhouse so that kids can keep all their toys, spend some time with their friend inside it and arrange their parties. In this way we can see it also as a kid’s party venue. Those parents who remain worry when their kids play outside, nothing can be better then playhouse. Because playhouse is considered safest place for kids to play. Everything that you purchase for kids needs to be durable because kids are very careless especially when they play. So it is very necessary for a playhouse to be strong enough.

But before going to purchase it just keep some facts in your mind like the size of it, for how many kids you will purchase it, age of kids, etc. Also pay attention to the windows and doors available in it. It should have sufficient ventilation otherwise kids will feel suffocation inside it while playing. Proper arrangement of light and air should be in it especially in summer time. Never include anything made up of glass in it to ensure their safety. If there is anything very sharp inside it then don’t forget to remove it as it can cause harm to kids. For more than one child you should purchase the one that consist of 2 or even 3 rooms. Even if you purchase simple playhouse with no accessories then there is no problem because your kids will adorn it with their imaginations and creativity.

So if you want to see your kids growing and flourishing by yourself then playhouse is the best thing. It helps in enhancing the creativity of your kids and also enhances their hidden skills and imaginations. is the only place where you will be able to find the latest collection of beautifully designed playhouse at very affordable ranges.

Ectopic Pregnancy And Its Symptoms

An ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilised egg embeds itself outside the womb, often in the fallopian tube, abdomen or cervix. Ectopic is in fact defined as “out of place”. This is a pretty common condition, which occurs in 1 in every 80 UK pregnancies. But, what exactly are ectopic pregnancy symptoms,Usually occurring in the first trimester, ectopic pregnancy symptoms include:

– Persistent and sharp pain in the lower abdomen. Often begins as a dull ache that becomes cramps and spasms.

– Vaginal bleeding (either bright or dark red in colour). The bleeding tends to stop and start and is commonly mistaken for a normal period.

– Vomiting and diarrhoea.

– Painful when going to the loo.

– Sometimes there is soreness in the shoulder, usually at its worst when lying down. This can signify that an ectopic pregnancy is causing internal bleeding, which aggravates a nerve in the diaphragm causing this referred pain.

– A serious symptom of an ectopic pregnancy can be “collapse”. This is when the fallopian tube ruptures creating internal bleeding. Feelings of faintness and nausea may be signs that “collapse” has occurred.

In terms of what causes an ectopic pregnancy it is often not very clear cut. However, there are conditions which increase the chances of it developing. These include:

– Infection in the womb, ovaries or fallopian tubes.

– Inflamed fallopian tubes

– Consumption of fertility medicine

– Conception occurring at an older age

– Previous history of ectopic pregnancy (you’re ten times more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy if you have had one before)

– Sexually transmitted diseases

– Abnormally-shaped fallopian tubes (caused naturally or after surgery)

To diagnose a suspected ectopic pregnancy, a blood test will be carried out in the early stages of the pregnancy. This will assess the levels of HCG (hormone produced during pregnancy) in the blood. If it is found that the hormone levels are below normal than the pregnancy will be deemed ectopic. An ultrasound of the vagina can then be done to confirm the location of the pregnancy. Sometimes laparoscopic surgery is required to confirm an ectopic pregnancy and then during this procedure the fallopian tube or embryo can be removed.

Regrettably with ectopic pregnancies, the baby’s death is unavoidable. A lot of embryos die without the need for medical intervention.

If diagnosis is early enough, the pregnancy can be brought to a safe end, for the mother (through medication or surgery). However, if the fallopian tube has already ruptured, emergency surgery is required and the effected fallopian tube may be removed.